Don’t Buy The Electronic Cigarette Until You Read This

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Using the electronic cigarette is a trend nowadays. This is made possible through the computer and internet as these products are mostly being sold through online vendors. Busy people, those who live in distant places, and those who cannot visit the stores can benefit much from this kind of selling. Online, there are so many stores to choose from. Their existence makes people hard to choose the right store. But it is very important to choose the right online store in order to get the best services and products.

blonde-apollo-ecigsThe following discuss the guidelines when you buy electronic cigarettes online so you don’t get scammed:

1. Read the reviews

Reviews and comments can be made by customers or manufactures themselves. In order not to fall the sweet comments made by the latter, it is very important to read or visit two or more sites. This way you can really know more about the online store. Usually, those customers who have disappointing experiences will voice out online. This is very important and informative in selecting the right store.

2. Check the pricing

Since you want to buy electronic cigarettes online, take time to compare the prices. This is a frugal attitude of a customer. The tight competition of selling electronic cigarettes online makes the manufacturers to decide for low prices. But quality must not be forgotten, too. Online, prices just differ from stores near you because the products are directly sold by the manufacturers.

But shipping must be put into consideration, too. Some sellers online may charge an extra fee for the shipping. And there might be fees about return and exchange of items. This will add up to the cost spent in purchasing the items. So this cannot be a saving method anymore.

3. Read the return and exchange guidelines

Before you buy electronic cigarettes online, you must take time reading the guidelines for return and exchange. This is very important in order not to waste every penny spent for the item. Cost can be part in the guidelines. Some customers failed to read such guidelines so they were just shocked to know that they needed to pay for the return or exchange of the item. Or, the days for return and exchange take too long.

4. Test the customer service

It is very crucial to check the quality of the customer service since you contact it whenever you have queries. You can ask a question or two and check if the response is prompt or too late, if the person is respectful, or if the person can be understood. Poor customer service is a common issue.

In times of problems about the items, there is no one to go to but the customer service in the site.

5. Check their certificates

Online selling must not be bogus, or you must not fall under such kind of business. Or else, the money spent for the item will be put to waste. Always look around for the certificates.

There is really nothing much to worry if you want to buy electronic cigarettes online. Just take heed of these guidelines and you will get the best services and products. As a long term user of the e cigs, I suggest you to try out this site for the best products and pricing.


Why Is It So Hard To Quit Smoking

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quit smoking To quit smoking is tougher than starting to smoke. This is largely due to the nicotine content of tobacco which is addictive. The longer the person smokes, the higher the nicotine content is stored in the body. And the more it is difficult to take out from the body system. According the scientists, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases develop depend on the duration of smoking rather than short term quantity. It means that somebody who smokes 2 packs a day for 20 years will be at less risk than someone who smoke 1 pack of cigarette a day for 40 years. Lung cancer patients are more vulnerable at the age of 60 or older.

A person who smokes in months or years will become drug dependent to nicotine. Nicotine has this strong effect because of the stimulating and relaxing effects it leaves in the brain. The hormone in the brain, specifically the dopamine, becomes dependent to nicotine. Whenever a person ceases smoking, this hormone looks for it. It sends signals to the body that it needs nicotine for it to work well, for the person to feel well.

Some researches showed that quitting cigarette is just as hard as quitting heroin. The claims might not be as serious as it sounds, the facts are overwhelming. According to the Centers for Diseases Control (CDC), cigarette smoke harm every single organ in your body. Lungs and respiratory system are greatly affected. Brain cells won’t be working properly with the high carbon dioxide intakes. Toxic chemical such as carbon monoxide has potentially damage on your heart and heart attacks. Other less serious side effects related to cigarette smoking are yellow teeth and nails, stinky mouth and smelly clothes, baldness, cataracts, still birth or miscarriage, and many more.

There are so many side effects that can occur when a smoker tries to quit smoking. These can be salivation, headache, dizziness, irritability, hunger, insomnia, tiredness, tingling, constipation, and poor concentration. These are unpleasant and disturbing feelings and events that may discourage a smoker from stopping to smoke.

A dependent smoker certainly needs help. Usually, he/she does not have the will or courage to stop smoking or may find it hard to do so. So anybody from the family or circle of friends can help him/her in doing the next possible and effective actions.

1. Professionals. These are health professionals such as doctors who can evaluate and recommend for something to take. For instance, there are candies that have the taste of nicotine but they don’t actually contain.

Psychologists can also help in assessing the behavior of a smoker. This is very important in order to correct the smoker’s behavior towards smoking.

2. Friends who have successfully quit smoking. Since these people already succeeded the syndromes brought about by nicotine, they can teach the smoker on what to do in order to successfully quit it.

These are just sample ways on how to quit smoking. You see, it is indeed difficult to quit but it is possible. Look around you, why did they succeed in stopping to smoke? If they did, why can’t you?

Check out this article on finding a method to quit smoking and create a good plan of action. There will be time in a man’s life that he decides to quit smoking. If the time is now, don’t wait any longer and just do it. There are plenty of help out there on the internet to get you into the rhythm of changing the bad habits.

Some people like to use the e cigarettes as the harm reduction alternative. I’ve probably heard about it before. If not, click here to learn more.

Going Green With The Green Cigarettes

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cig-workAccording to netdoctor study, smoking cause direct death to over 100,000 lives each year. That’s not including diseases related to tobacco secondhand and thirdhand smoke. No matter how healthy your everyday diet is, you can’t be living healthy if you smoke.

As society develops, more and more countries in the world ban public smoking in several places. Smokers find it harder everyday to smoke in public places because of the recent bans. It is not unfair for smokers because unlike drinking, smoking directly affects people around by the smell and ashes.

Quit smoking for years seems to be an impossible task. No matter how good a program is, not many people can manage to stop smoking for good. This nicotine addiction seems strong enough to make people suffer their lives for it. Just like alcohol addiction but cigarette addition cause distress among non smokers because of its smell. Even though alcohol also kills, it doesn’t cause hatred.

That’s the main reason why there is a new product called the electronic cigarettes or green cigarettes. Some Eco friendly companies like Green Smoke or South Beach Smoke develop this name for better influence on the market. It is a new invention created just for smokers to help them deal with tobacco problems. The main reason why the green cigarettes are wildly used is because they don’t cause secondhand smoking. The green cigarette also prevent thirdhand smoking because there is no residue or ash left in the air after a smoke.

Even though it is still considered illegal in many countries because of the sources and testing issues, it is still considered the permanent replacement for regular cigarettes. More and more people from different countries are starting to adapt to the new “vaping” phenomenon. Some say it is an evolution. Nevertheless, it is still remain the best replacement for regular tobacco and might be the healthier one too.

For more information, check out the green cigarettes and the FDA regulation here.

Electronic Cigarette – Banned By The FDA

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Electronic cigarette is becoming more popular nowadays as many young people start using it because of its benefits. I don’t smoke but many in my family smoke and use the e cig recently so it makes me curious about this product. They claimed that these special vapor cigs can do many good things such as give you a healthier lifestyle, help you quit smoking, and even cheaper than regular tobacco. However, they are banned by the FDA for not having enough quality control or maybe not safe for the users.

“e-Cigarettes may contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to humans, and may contain other ingredients that may not be safe. Additionally, these products may be attractive to young people and may lead kids to try other tobacco products, including conventional cigarettes, which are known to cause disease and lead to premature death.” – FDA food & drug administration.

With that being said, it sounds pretty dangerous to use the electric cigarette instead of regular tobacco. Either way, they are both dangerous but since it is new, the electronic cigarettes are not tightly monitored by the FDA so nobody knows whether they are safer or more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. Of course there are many e cig brands out there so manufactures have their own way and view on quality and safeness. In the statement above the FDA claimed that there are ingredients in the e cigarettes that may not be safe for users, so they are not certainly sure either.

What about the claims of helping people to quit smoking from the brand companies? From what I know, many electric cigarette brands contain nicotine and many unknown substances in their cartridges so how can it help you quit smoking while there is nicotine in them? Even some brands claim that their products will not guarantee any promise on quitting cigarettes as well as give user a healthier lung. It is a brand new product and need more monitor and quality checking from the FDA.

Personally, I think the FDA should legalize these green cigarettes and monetize it like any other goods. Then, they can check and examine the quality of all products so they meet the standard suitable for users. Banning it won’t help because people are still getting their way around it since the internet is the easiest way to almost everything nowadays. I believe the e cigs can be better and good for users if they are examined the right way because there are lots of benefits from them. No odor, no tar, no residue, no carbon monoxide, no burning sensation…that’s a lot of good benefits if the government can make sure these claims are true and the quality is up to par.

In the US, even though it is banned, you can still get them from the gas station anyway. But some people says those are nasty and not good for you…possibly illegally imported from China. That’s is why I think the FDA should legalize it and make money from it as well as making sure it is not dangerous for smokers. These green cigarette or electric cigarette site are still up there online so what can stop people from buying and using it?

About the claim that e cigs can help you quit smoking, I don’t think this is true because most of these e cigs contain nicotine which is highly addictive. Some of the big brands out there also don’t claim this to be true at all. One of the is them Green Smoke electronic cigarette company which advises the buyers that e cigs won’t help them quit smoking or claim any better health benefits.