Mallory Hagan, a 23 years old female New Yorker won the Miss America 2013 beauty pageant contest on January 12th, 2013. It was hold at the casino resort Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Miss Hagan amazed thousand spectators and got the highest votes for her tap dancing skills. She also got high votes while performing Get Up Off of that thing of James Brown in the talent contest.

Mallory Hagan also had a pretty good answer for the question about one of the hottest problem in America regarding gun control and school shootings. “I don’t think we need to use violence to stop violence. Instead of doing that, we can improve our education system and find another way to solve this problem, for example prolong the time of approval of gun permission for American citizens” – Hagan said.

With the new Miss America 2013 title, Mallory Hagan will recieve $50,000 award and has one year to finish her mission to help children fight against child sexual abuse.

Some images from the final night