cig-workAccording to netdoctor study, smoking cause direct death to over 100,000 lives each year. That’s not including diseases related to tobacco secondhand and thirdhand smoke. No matter how healthy your everyday diet is, you can’t be living healthy if you smoke.

As society develops, more and more countries in the world ban public smoking in several places. Smokers find it harder everyday to smoke in public places because of the recent bans. It is not unfair for smokers because unlike drinking, smoking directly affects people around by the smell and ashes.

Quit smoking for years seems to be an impossible task. No matter how good a program is, not many people can manage to stop smoking for good. This nicotine addiction seems strong enough to make people suffer their lives for it. Just like alcohol addiction but cigarette addition cause distress among non smokers because of its smell. Even though alcohol also kills, it doesn’t cause hatred.

That’s the main reason why there is a new product called the electronic cigarettes or green cigarettes. Some Eco friendly companies like Green Smoke or South Beach Smoke develop this name for better influence on the market. It is a new invention created just for smokers to help them deal with tobacco problems. The main reason why the green cigarettes are wildly used is because they don’t cause secondhand smoking. The green cigarette also prevent thirdhand smoking because there is no residue or ash left in the air after a smoke.

Even though it is still considered illegal in many countries because of the sources and testing issues, it is still considered the permanent replacement for regular cigarettes. More and more people from different countries are starting to adapt to the new “vaping” phenomenon. Some say it is an evolution. Nevertheless, it is still remain the best replacement for regular tobacco and might be the healthier one too.