water pondSo you like to have a water garden pond where you can sit and enjoy the relaxing moments after work and reduce stress. But before you start to build your own water pond, it’s best to understand that it could affect your family in a negative way.


Ever since we built our Koi water fish pond outside more than a year ago, bad things are happening to my family. My mom is getting sick and her illness is getting worst everyday. My finance has dropped dramatically and the relationship between my family members are awful. It all came out accidentally when I found out about the negativity of building a water pond in a wrong place.

When you built a water garden pond especially if you have some fish in it, it’s best to built it a little far away from your home. If you are not superstitious like me, then don’t even bother. But things were happening in my family that we can not ignored.

It is said that if you built your fish pond too close to the house especially in the front of the house, it is consider a no no. This can trigger many problems in your family like arguments, sickness, and even death. Since I had many bad experiences with my family after building a pond in front of  the house and too close to the wall. I can not explain it scientifically but the more I think about it, it became true.

Building a water pond in a wrong direction or location can have a negative effect on your personal life. The best way to build a water pond not too close to the house or maybe it’s better to have it locate on the sides. It is said from the Chinese Astrology that if the pond is too close to the house, it will suck out all the positive energy from the living things inside.

Waterfall should be facing the house instead of pouring outside. According to the Chinese Astrology, water represent health and wealth so you don’t want to have your money or health pouring outside. This idea seems a bit corny and superstitious but believe me, I speak from my own experience.

So take this into consideration when you build your own water garden pond. Even if you don’t thing these ideas are appropriate, it’s better to just build it far away from your house if you have enough land.