japanese koi pondJapanese Koi pond is becoming more and more popular all around the world especially in the US. More people know about Koi and learn how to create a beautiful Koi pond in their garden for some peaceful and entertainment time. Unlike any other types of Koi, Japanese Koi are very beautiful and of course a lot more expensive especially a big one. Raising Koi in your garden can be costly as well as time and dedication for taking care of this wonderful creature.

Koi is a Japanese word which means Carp fish which has been breed and gone through tightly selection for hundreds of years. Unlike natural river Carp fish, Koi are very colorful and a lot more expensive. The story began when a Japanese Carp farmer in the 1800s discovered some reddish color pattern on some of his Carp. So he decided to isolate those and breed them which then created the whole new generation of beautiful Koi 200 years later.

The Japanese Koi can grow very big and live pretty long as well. An average size of a pure breed Koi fish is about 70-90 cm and can live around 20-30 years. Some Japanese Koi can get over 1 meter in length and live up to 70 years. The question is how hard is it to raise a Koi in your own pond and keep it for as long as you can so you can enjoy it as much as possible.

It is not easy to raise Koi in the garden pond. There are plenty of elements to learn before you decide to have a Koi pond. How big is the pond, the filter, and the water quality is extremely important. You should create the pond depending on your garden size and the filter needs to be big enough for the pond for it to be effective. Make sure to save some space to make a waterfall and for your filter as well. The fish is not important, the most important is the water and without a good water system, your fish won’t last very long. This article is not going to cover much of these information as you need time to collect all of them and study it. I know I did. It took me almost 2 months reading and studying before starting to work on my garden pond.

If you really love fish and Koi, then I suggest you should start your own pond today. If you just do it because your neighbor do it, then don’t do it. It is hard work and time consuming to get your Koi pond to where you want it to be. Dead fish and frustration are the common problems among Koi keepers and many of them give up easily.

Look around and take more ideas from different Koi ponds set up and see what works best for you. Be patient because this process take time. Make sure your water is in great condition with all the requirements and your Koi will thank you for that. You will then be happy because they are happy.