For some people, is it the love animal or the unthinkable reaction that leads them to go beyond their personal safety inside the area of wild animals? I mean…you watch a lot of guys like the Crocodile Hunter or any other wildlife professional do their crazy moves around those carnivores, but for normal people, is it crazy, stupid, or simple desperate.

There were many occasion where people visit the zoo to have a good time seeing animals and one person ruin the party. In 2006, a man climbed into the area where lions lived. He wants to prove that God exists and that he would somehow get him out of there in time. Too bad, it wasn’t God’s plan to let him live.

Some people are crazy and desperate both at the same time. One woman jump into a Singaporean crocodile enclosure in the zoo to commit suicide. Of course, them crocs are no strangers when it come to fresh meat. Well…you should said she was crazy, desperate, and stupid too. Most of the time, people like this are clinically depressed and crazy at the same time. If I was to go and kill myself, for any reason whatsoever, I would choose thousands of other methods instead of choosing the crocodile’s jaw. Maybe she like those crocs.

The latest case happened in Bern, Switzerland. A mentally retarded man deliberately jumped into an enclosure housing two brown bears. One of the bears mauled him. Police shot the bear to save him. The man is in the hospital with serious head and leg injuries. The bear is being treated with antibiotics to prevent infection of his bullet wounds. Because the bullet fragmented on entry, veterinarians deemed it unwise to operate.