Jack Johnson – My Inspiration In Life

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There was time in my life that stress, depression and lonely are too overwhelming for me to handle. I had to leave Miami where I went to school, worked, and lived for almost 6 years because many financial issues and without a car I can’t seem to do anything. So I moved to New York to start things over….

It is not easy and comfort as I thought. It is definitely not the way I want to live my life. In fact, NYC was too crazy and crowded for me.  To make it short, my girlfriend and I also broke up earlier and I was in a deep depression mode with so little money left, no job, and only 3 friends. For some reason, I’ve never been so negative like that in my whole life. I also smoked lots of buds to sleep it off but I’ve learned that when you start to run from your problems, they go away for a moment but will come back and haunt you later.

I started to listen to Jack Johnson through a friend I know in Miami and it’s has been my free medication until today.

Some people like him, some don’t but I haven’t talk to one that doesn’t like him yet. His music is so relaxing and positive it is all most impossible to be depressed or mad when listening to it. I don’t surf or care less about these people who hate surfer dudes, I need Jack for my medication. Sometimes, you just need to keep going on with your life and turn lemons into lemonade.

I’ve listen to almost every Jack Johnson songs on Youtube and I can’t choose the most favorite one. Go On is such a cool song, lyrics wise and rythm that I think most psychiatrists should start using it for their patient now.

Better Together is one of my all time favorite song ever written. It is so warm and positive, loving and caring, soft but protective, imaginative and real, simple but amazing at the same time. There is no other way to describe it than just listen and feel the music for yourself.

I also started to learn how to play guitar because I’ve always wanted to learn since a little kid but never had a courage or motivation to do it. It is so amazing to listen to the words in his songs and hear his wisdom of life. There are so much more in life than just the things we see. I’ve started to do many things that I never had the motivation to do before.

Thank you Jack Johnson. You are my hero.


Electronic Cigarette – Banned By The FDA

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Electronic cigarette is becoming more popular nowadays as many young people start using it because of its benefits. I don’t smoke but many in my family smoke and use the e cig recently so it makes me curious about this product. They claimed that these special vapor cigs can do many good things such as give you a healthier lifestyle, help you quit smoking, and even cheaper than regular tobacco. However, they are banned by the FDA for not having enough quality control or maybe not safe for the users.

“e-Cigarettes may contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to humans, and may contain other ingredients that may not be safe. Additionally, these products may be attractive to young people and may lead kids to try other tobacco products, including conventional cigarettes, which are known to cause disease and lead to premature death.” – FDA food & drug administration.

With that being said, it sounds pretty dangerous to use the electric cigarette instead of regular tobacco. Either way, they are both dangerous but since it is new, the electronic cigarettes are not tightly monitored by the FDA so nobody knows whether they are safer or more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. Of course there are many e cig brands out there so manufactures have their own way and view on quality and safeness. In the statement above the FDA claimed that there are ingredients in the e cigarettes that may not be safe for users, so they are not certainly sure either.

What about the claims of helping people to quit smoking from the brand companies? From what I know, many electric cigarette brands contain nicotine and many unknown substances in their cartridges so how can it help you quit smoking while there is nicotine in them? Even some brands claim that their products will not guarantee any promise on quitting cigarettes as well as give user a healthier lung. It is a brand new product and need more monitor and quality checking from the FDA.

Personally, I think the FDA should legalize these green cigarettes and monetize it like any other goods. Then, they can check and examine the quality of all products so they meet the standard suitable for users. Banning it won’t help because people are still getting their way around it since the internet is the easiest way to almost everything nowadays. I believe the e cigs can be better and good for users if they are examined the right way because there are lots of benefits from them. No odor, no tar, no residue, no carbon monoxide, no burning sensation…that’s a lot of good benefits if the government can make sure these claims are true and the quality is up to par.

In the US, even though it is banned, you can still get them from the gas station anyway. But some people says those are nasty and not good for you…possibly illegally imported from China. That’s is why I think the FDA should legalize it and make money from it as well as making sure it is not dangerous for smokers. These green cigarette or electric cigarette site are still up there online so what can stop people from buying and using it?

About the claim that e cigs can help you quit smoking, I don’t think this is true because most of these e cigs contain nicotine which is highly addictive. Some of the big brands out there also don’t claim this to be true at all. One of the is them Green Smoke electronic cigarette company which advises the buyers that e cigs won’t help them quit smoking or claim any better health benefits.

Breakfast – The Most Important Meal Of The Day

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After a long night sleeping, breakfast seems to be the most important meal of the day to boost your energy level and metabolism for work. Most people eat dinner at around 7 or 8 pm and don’t eat anything else after that. When you wake up in the morning, the time difference is about 10-11 hours. During that time, your belly didn’t receive any extra foods thus you need to provide your body a good quality breakfast in order to gain lots of energy during the day.

From my experience, coffee doesn’t do the trick alone. When I eat a great breakfast with a cup of coffee, I have more energy during the whole day. I also feel great like no more sluggish or drowsy feeling. Sometimes when I wake up late and doesn’t have enough time to eat breakfast, I can definitely tell the difference.

I like to eat a good breakfast, not just cereal and milk. My good quality breakfast must have Eggs, Bread, Ham or Bacon, Cheese, and also some good old tomatoes. I like to make Sunny side-up eggs or Omelet. There is a local diner in my area that makes Spanish Omelet that is really good. It has some onions, green peppers, tomatoes, eggs, ham, and cheese. I usually have some extra ham or bacon on top. It is like heaven for me in the early morning. Actually I’m addicted to it.

I also enjoy Sunny side-up eggs with some slightly roasted tomatoes, sausages, 2 pieces of bacon, and a piece of toast. I make my Sunny side-up at home usually on Sunday. I like to have some vegetables with my breakfast because it helps your body digest a whole lot better.

If you don’t have time to eat good eggs in the diner or at home, try to grab a Muffin on ago. Make sure that those Muffins are low fat and made from a trusted place. I love Muffin for my breakfast when I ran out of time. I usually go to Starbucks cuz I can get my coffee fix too. I don’t like the Sausage sandwich they have though, too much grease and oil. One place you shouldn’t be going to is McDonald’s or any other fast food places for breakfast. I love McDonald’s too, it is so good, but I have to force myself from eating there…too much fat and grease for me to deal with. I might treat myself a McDonald’s drive through once in a while though.

It is good to eat eggs for breakfast because eggs are very nutritious foods, high in protein, and very affordable too. A good study at the University of Connecticut shows that when dieters eat 3 eggs a day for 12 days, their good HDL cholesterol increase by 20%. This is when they use real eggs not egg substitute or egg whites in a box.

Tuna Tatar healthy recipe

Crazy Or Stupid

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For some people, is it the love animal or the unthinkable reaction that leads them to go beyond their personal safety inside the area of wild animals? I mean…you watch a lot of guys like the Crocodile Hunter or any other wildlife professional do their crazy moves around those carnivores, but for normal people, is it crazy, stupid, or simple desperate.

There were many occasion where people visit the zoo to have a good time seeing animals and one person ruin the party. In 2006, a man climbed into the area where lions lived. He wants to prove that God exists and that he would somehow get him out of there in time. Too bad, it wasn’t God’s plan to let him live.

Some people are crazy and desperate both at the same time. One woman jump into a Singaporean crocodile enclosure in the zoo to commit suicide. Of course, them crocs are no strangers when it come to fresh meat. Well…you should said she was crazy, desperate, and stupid too. Most of the time, people like this are clinically depressed and crazy at the same time. If I was to go and kill myself, for any reason whatsoever, I would choose thousands of other methods instead of choosing the crocodile’s jaw. Maybe she like those crocs.

The latest case happened in Bern, Switzerland. A mentally retarded man deliberately jumped into an enclosure housing two brown bears. One of the bears mauled him. Police shot the bear to save him. The man is in the hospital with serious head and leg injuries. The bear is being treated with antibiotics to prevent infection of his bullet wounds. Because the bullet fragmented on entry, veterinarians deemed it unwise to operate.