The word GRAFFITI simply means “a word or drawing on the wall”. It comes from the word Graphein in Greek and Graffito in Italian meaning “to write”. Graffiti is a plural of Graffito.

Graffiti is considered an art. It was started back in the 1960s and has become more and more popular in the 21st century all around the world. Many gangs used Graffiti as a trademark or a sign of communication between each other. Usually, a Graffiti is a drawing art that appears on public properties without permission.

Graffiti art was started in New York city and blew up in the 70s when more and more people start doing it. People were surprised to see their normal everyday wall plain color changed into colorful graphics and writings. It was a shock to the community because such things created bad looks to New York city and the mayor.

However, if you think about it, culture is built on people and without people, there won’t be New York like we’ve seen today. Anything new and provocative is considered bad or disgraceful, but how can artists express their feelings without being straight forward?

Graffiti was started in the hood, and with such bad living conditions and education, where else could these young artists express their skills? What once was a bad thing has slowly become a phenomenon all around the world. You can’t deny or disprove true art…

Graffiti has become a world wide common nowadays. Countries in Europe, Australia, South America and Asia have also added this wall art into their own community and style. Graffiti art doesn’t need to be motivated by money or fame, it comes from each and every person heart and that’s why it’s so unique and special. No matter how much critics and names calling there are about Graffiti, the true beautiful art will never die.