Đón đầu xu hướng thời trang năm 2018 với loạt trang phục siêu chất

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Cùng chiêm ngưỡng và bắt kịp những xu hướng thời trang mới nhất thôi nào.


Họa tiết kẻ caro chưa bao giờ thôi hết mốt. Họa tiết này giúp các nàng dễ dàng phối đồ, đặc biệt không kén người mặc. Hãy chọn ngay cho mình áo cổ tròn, những chân váy điệu đà hay áo khoác nỉ mỏng phối họa tiết carô đảm bảo các nàng sẽ rất ngọt ngào, dễ thương giữa tiết trời mùa lạnh đấy .

Trang phục/ phụ kiện tua rua


Trang phục hay phụ kiện tua rua là xu hướng thời trang được dự đoán lên ngôi trong năm 2018. Chi tiết tua rua mang lại vẻ nổi bật, thời thượng và sành điệu cho người mặc. Kết hợp cùng trang phục tối giản là bạn đã có phong cách “chất lừ “rồi.

Giày buckle


Buckle là kiểu giày có phần quai cài khá nam tính, mạnh mẽ và ấn tượng. Giày buckle có thể biến hóa mọi phong cách hay các bộ trang phục khác nhau.

Trang phục màu tím lavender


Gam màu tím lavender sẽ là “cú nổ” của xu hướng thời trang năm sau. Kết hợp trang phục màu tím lavender với một vài món đồ mang tính khỏe khoắn cá tính cùng những phụ kiện to bản cũng đủ giúp bạn trở thành cô nàng sành điệu rồi.

Trang phục họa tiết hoa thập niên 60


Họa tiết hoa thập niên 60 quay trở lại và gây sốt giới mộ điệu. Họa tiết hoa retro to bản cổ điển pha lẫn nét hiện đại sẽ đem lại làn gió tươi tắn cho mùa đông năm sau.



Jumpsuit vẫn là một trong những trang phục được yêu thích nhất. Jumpsuit năm nay được thiết kế rộng rãi, kiểu dáng mạnh mẽ và chất liệu dày dặn hơn hẳn.

Trang sức oversize


Trang sức oversize giúp các bạn gái thêm phần sang trọng, thanh lịch và tự tin hơn. Kiểu trang sức này được ứng dụng trong trang phục bãi biển, đi chơi hay đi làm đều hợp.

Trang phục/ phụ kiện plastic


Trang phục hay phụ kiện làm trên chất liệu plastic thực sự tạo nên “cơn sốt” và làm phái đẹp mê đắm.

Túi đan lưới độc đáo chắc chắn sẽ là item “bùng nổ” trong mùa mốt năm sau.


Nguồn: Báo Mới – Đón đầu thời trang 2018

Top 10 Nail Polish Colors For Women

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Everyone aspires to be the most beautiful women in the world. To be the best, they would spend time and money to beautify themselves. One chooses the right fashion for herself and adds the appropriate accessories in her body. Every part of the women’s body is important, and even the nails.

Painting women’s nails has now evolved. It was first done with plain coatings and now different nail arts can also be designed on women’s nails to intensify their looks and their sexiness. Nail polish conveys a message to people and it also shows what kind of person the wearer is. Nail polish are based on what kind of dress a women wears, what occasion she is attending and what are the trend in the community. The following are the top ten nail polish colors that adds to every women’s intrinsic beauty:

  1. Baby blue- this color, a lighter shade of blue is considered as ‘Nirvana to the brain’ because its color are not too dark and not too light. Baby blue color also makes the fingers look longer and sexier.
  2. Bloody Red- red is an all-time favorite nail polish color. It is elegant, sexy and bold; and it adds a mysterious factor into every women’s secretive personality.
  3. Citrus Orange- orange nail polish is very attractive and very colorful; that makes the wearer more youthful and lively.
  4. Turquoise- this color is a greenish blue color which is also worn by women all over the world. According to psychology, turquoise color evokes open communication and clarity of thought. The same is true with the turquoise nail polish: it makes the wearer more interactive and more focused on her work.
  5. Fuchsia pink- fuchsia pink nail polish will make you want to go into the office barefooted or date with your partner with your heels off. This color makes your skin fairer and attract more attention in the public.
  6. Beige- a pale and pinkish yellow color is still ‘in’ nowadays.  This is compatible on every complexion of women in the world and it also makes the wearer looks bubbly and young.
  7. Black- black is still considered as one of the best nail polish colors in the whole wide world. Black looks classy and sexy especially when you’re wearing your tight leather jumpsuit in a party.
  8. Yellow green- some women would prefer to paint their nails with unique colors such as yellow green nail polish. Yellow green are sexy colors too, believe me!
  9. Metallic gold/ silver/ bronze- metallic colors are exotic and adds brilliance to your over-all appearance.
  10. Peal white- nothing beats the simple yet elegant pearl white nail polish color. Your sexy white top and pale black jeans will make you stand out in the crowd.

These nail polish color is just an accent to your style and what’s important is how you carry yourself and how you face the public using your own guts. Putting nail polish is also one way to pamper oneself after the multiple and stressful roles every women portrays. Paint your nails with colors and celebrate your girlie and youthful side!

My Hometown Visit

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It has been a while since I come back to my hometown. Life in a big city has always been a rush. Traffic, busy people, and polluted airways make people forget all about relaxation and enjoying nature. This is peaceful and calm….


A small wooden bridge for villagers to pass by the creek. Too small for vehicles, too much childhood memories…




The rice field run endlessly as it seems. It’s almost harvesting time of the year. Everyone is ready for the end of the crops.

rice field

rice field

A moment on the small boat sailing around the lakes and creeks makes me feel fresh and relaxing.



mango tree

First Muscovy Duck Eggs

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I have 2 Muscovy ducks for about 2 months now. I bought it from the chicken market near my home. They usually hang around in my small pond and the river outside to find food. I wasn’t so sure why they didn’t breed any eggs because they were already grown when I bought them. A week ago, I saw the two of them mating, so I guess it’s about time.

They didn’t have any shelter or cage to live in at that time. I left them sleep outside and they didn’t seem to have any problem with it. So 3 days went by without them laying any eggs. I thought of building them a shelter and a man-made nest so the female can start laying eggs.

duck house

At first they didn’t get used to the new home, so at night they went under and slept there. I thought this was a failure because the shelter is too high. So the next day, I built the stairs for them to access their home easily. Amazingly, 2 days after I build the home, the female lays the first egg. I was so happy.

duck eggs

The female started to lay consistently 1 egg a day. It is exciting for us because this is our first time raising Muscovy ducks so we didn’t know what to expect. Seems like they instinctively know what is a nest and lay eggs in it. I heard that unlike other types of domestic ducks which don’t know how to hatch, Muscovy ducks hatch and raise their youngsters by themselves.

There are plenty of food down in the lake and I occasionally see them searching for crabs and snails in the mud. I feed them plenty. Mainly chicken processed foods and whole wheat. Some people told me that processed food is not good because of chemicals added, some said it is better because of the nutrient content. I feed them both anyways. I also heard that Muscovy ducks also eat mosquito and bugs – that’s how they got the name Musco – though I never seen them eating bugs with my own eyes.

muscovy duck

Muscovy ducks are pretty quiet. They are probably the quietest ducks there is. Unlike my other ducks – our Pekins, they make plenty of noise, even when they eat. Muscovy ducks don’t eat like they are starving either, they eat after the others…sometimes they got attacks by other kind of ducks and can’t eat enough. So I separate them with the others. They seems calm and peaceful now. I also hate the Pekins, they are stupid. I make a nest for them to lay eggs. They lay eggs in the pond. I sometimes found 1 or 2 eggs laying in the water near the bank in the bushes, the rest probably sinks into the deeper parts.

muscovy-duckOne of them flew away on night when I left them outside. I though I lost one. But amazingly, 1 day later, she came back. Muscovy ducks are smart. They remember where their home is. I was concern about their ability to fly so well so I cut off their wing feathers though. Unlike other ducks which like to swim alot, these Muscovy like dryness and they usually stay on the tree branches.

Unlike my chicken, ducks seem to have strong resistance against the weather changing. Some cold early mornings I went to check on my chicken, I found that the Muscovy an Pekin ducks are already in the water splashing. They enjoy it actually. In the wild, Muscovy ducks are said to be good for nature as they eat insects and mosquitoes.

This is probably the first time my female Muscovy duck lays eggs. I’m not expecting too much results in hatched eggs but it is still a good start. Hopefully a good amount generation of Muscovy ducklings will hatch and thrive. It still a long time to go, about 2-3 months, before we can start enjoying our Muscovy duck roast.

 Some awesome facts about Muscovy ducks:

In China, when they had a huge problem with Locusts and nothing they could do to stop them, the Chinese release Muscovy ducks to the wild. The result is amazing. The ducks eat the Locusts and thus stop the swarm on crops.

Muscovy ducks eat algae and weed in the water. This help clean the water and thus makes the eco system more healthy and complete.

Muscovy eat roaches. They also eat left over foods in the farm so reduce the population of rats in the area.

Mallory Hagan Wins Miss America 2013 Beauty Pageant

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Mallory Hagan, a 23 years old female New Yorker won the Miss America 2013 beauty pageant contest on January 12th, 2013. It was hold at the casino resort Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Miss Hagan amazed thousand spectators and got the highest votes for her tap dancing skills. She also got high votes while performing Get Up Off of that thing of James Brown in the talent contest.

Mallory Hagan also had a pretty good answer for the question about one of the hottest problem in America regarding gun control and school shootings. “I don’t think we need to use violence to stop violence. Instead of doing that, we can improve our education system and find another way to solve this problem, for example prolong the time of approval of gun permission for American citizens” – Hagan said.

With the new Miss America 2013 title, Mallory Hagan will recieve $50,000 award and has one year to finish her mission to help children fight against child sexual abuse.

Some images from the final night




Coconut Tree – King Of The Tropical

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samui-island-coconut-treesCoconut tree or cocos nucifera is a tree from a palm tree family. Coco trees grow in abundance in the tropical climate and can live on fresh or salt water. People find coconut trees to be a source of relaxation under the shade besides the seas. It is also a symbol of romantic and beauty in the tropical islands. Coconut trees can grow up to 50-80 feet high and bearing almost 50 fruits each. Usually it takes many years for a coconut tree to mature and it can live up to many decades.

Coconut trees can grow in most Tropical part of the world such as Asia, Africa, South America, and the Pacific region. In America, only Hawaii and Florida can be able to grow coconut tree as it couldn’t grow in cold area. Usually coconut trees grow near the sea or rivers and it can find lots of moisture in the roots. Besides its beautiful representation, coconut tree is a great source of healthy food and water for our body.

Almost every thing on the coconut tree can be used by human. The coconut fruits have plenty of healthy water which is very good for replenishing and re-hydrating your body after exercises. The coconut water also has plenty of health benefits such as vitamins and mineral, low fat and sugar content, as well as enhance and boost your metabolism. The white meat inside is for eaten or for making coconut milk. It is also used for making coconut oil. The oil is squeezed from the coconut meat, the leftovers is used to make cattle food. Besides cooking purpose, coco oil is also used to make soap and cosmetic products.

The leaves are used to make hats, household baskets, trays, house mats and even for making houses (in Asia).  They also use the trunks for stabilizing houses or buildings and the roots are for making a dye. The hard crust outside of the nuts can be used as wood for cooking and barbecue. The unopened flowers can be used to make alcohol bev  erages, sugar, and vinegar.

coconut-house   basket-coconut-leaves    coconut-oil



Going Green With The Green Cigarettes

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cig-workAccording to netdoctor study, smoking cause direct death to over 100,000 lives each year. That’s not including diseases related to tobacco secondhand and thirdhand smoke. No matter how healthy your everyday diet is, you can’t be living healthy if you smoke.

As society develops, more and more countries in the world ban public smoking in several places. Smokers find it harder everyday to smoke in public places because of the recent bans. It is not unfair for smokers because unlike drinking, smoking directly affects people around by the smell and ashes.

Quit smoking for years seems to be an impossible task. No matter how good a program is, not many people can manage to stop smoking for good. This nicotine addiction seems strong enough to make people suffer their lives for it. Just like alcohol addiction but cigarette addition cause distress among non smokers because of its smell. Even though alcohol also kills, it doesn’t cause hatred.

That’s the main reason why there is a new product called the electronic cigarettes or green cigarettes. Some Eco friendly companies like Green Smoke or South Beach Smoke develop this name for better influence on the market. It is a new invention created just for smokers to help them deal with tobacco problems. The main reason why the green cigarettes are wildly used is because they don’t cause secondhand smoking. The green cigarette also prevent thirdhand smoking because there is no residue or ash left in the air after a smoke.

Even though it is still considered illegal in many countries because of the sources and testing issues, it is still considered the permanent replacement for regular cigarettes. More and more people from different countries are starting to adapt to the new “vaping” phenomenon. Some say it is an evolution. Nevertheless, it is still remain the best replacement for regular tobacco and might be the healthier one too.


Can A Water Garden Pond Affect Your Home Negatively?

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water pondSo you like to have a water garden pond where you can sit and enjoy the relaxing moments after work and reduce stress. But before you start to build your own water pond, it’s best to understand that it could affect your family in a negative way.


Ever since we built our Koi water fish pond outside more than a year ago, bad things are happening to my family. My mom is getting sick and her illness is getting worst everyday. My finance has dropped dramatically and the relationship between my family members are awful. It all came out accidentally when I found out about the negativity of building a water pond in a wrong place.

When you built a water garden pond especially if you have some fish in it, it’s best to built it a little far away from your home. If you are not superstitious like me, then don’t even bother. But things were happening in my family that we can not ignored.

It is said that if you built your fish pond too close to the house especially in the front of the house, it is consider a no no. This can trigger many problems in your family like arguments, sickness, and even death. Since I had many bad experiences with my family after building a pond in front of  the house and too close to the wall. I can not explain it scientifically but the more I think about it, it became true.

Building a water pond in a wrong direction or location can have a negative effect on your personal life. The best way to build a water pond not too close to the house or maybe it’s better to have it locate on the sides. It is said from the Chinese Astrology that if the pond is too close to the house, it will suck out all the positive energy from the living things inside.

Waterfall should be facing the house instead of pouring outside. According to the Chinese Astrology, water represent health and wealth so you don’t want to have your money or health pouring outside. This idea seems a bit corny and superstitious but believe me, I speak from my own experience.

So take this into consideration when you build your own water garden pond. Even if you don’t thing these ideas are appropriate, it’s better to just build it far away from your house if you have enough land.

Plants vs Zombies Ultimate Lawn War

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If any of you never heard of this game, it is about fight Zombies to protect your house. Funny idea isn’t it? It’s also fun to play. But not for some crazy zombies killing addicts who can survive over 15000 flags. Sometimes watching this video made me just want to quit playing and watch. I didn’t know killing Zombies are this enjoyable.


It is an amazing strategies with the usage of Doom Shroom, Ice Shroom Imitator, and a wonderful addiction to this game to be able to get this far. It took probably over 6 months to get this far in the game. There are more zombies than people on this earth have died in this game.

Another powerful strategies is using the mighty Cob Cannon. It might get bored after sometime but satisfies all the explosive lover nuthead.

Japanese Koi Pond – A Beautiful Hobby In Your Garden

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japanese koi pondJapanese Koi pond is becoming more and more popular all around the world especially in the US. More people know about Koi and learn how to create a beautiful Koi pond in their garden for some peaceful and entertainment time. Unlike any other types of Koi, Japanese Koi are very beautiful and of course a lot more expensive especially a big one. Raising Koi in your garden can be costly as well as time and dedication for taking care of this wonderful creature.

Koi is a Japanese word which means Carp fish which has been breed and gone through tightly selection for hundreds of years. Unlike natural river Carp fish, Koi are very colorful and a lot more expensive. The story began when a Japanese Carp farmer in the 1800s discovered some reddish color pattern on some of his Carp. So he decided to isolate those and breed them which then created the whole new generation of beautiful Koi 200 years later.

The Japanese Koi can grow very big and live pretty long as well. An average size of a pure breed Koi fish is about 70-90 cm and can live around 20-30 years. Some Japanese Koi can get over 1 meter in length and live up to 70 years. The question is how hard is it to raise a Koi in your own pond and keep it for as long as you can so you can enjoy it as much as possible.

It is not easy to raise Koi in the garden pond. There are plenty of elements to learn before you decide to have a Koi pond. How big is the pond, the filter, and the water quality is extremely important. You should create the pond depending on your garden size and the filter needs to be big enough for the pond for it to be effective. Make sure to save some space to make a waterfall and for your filter as well. The fish is not important, the most important is the water and without a good water system, your fish won’t last very long. This article is not going to cover much of these information as you need time to collect all of them and study it. I know I did. It took me almost 2 months reading and studying before starting to work on my garden pond.

If you really love fish and Koi, then I suggest you should start your own pond today. If you just do it because your neighbor do it, then don’t do it. It is hard work and time consuming to get your Koi pond to where you want it to be. Dead fish and frustration are the common problems among Koi keepers and many of them give up easily.

Look around and take more ideas from different Koi ponds set up and see what works best for you. Be patient because this process take time. Make sure your water is in great condition with all the requirements and your Koi will thank you for that. You will then be happy because they are happy.

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