Don’t Buy The Electronic Cigarette Until You Read This

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Using the electronic cigarette is a trend nowadays. This is made possible through the computer and internet as these products are mostly being sold through online vendors. Busy people, those who live in distant places, and those who cannot visit the stores can benefit much from this kind of selling. Online, there are so many stores to choose from. Their existence makes people hard to choose the right store. But it is very important to choose the right online store in order to get the best services and products.

blonde-apollo-ecigsThe following discuss the guidelines when you buy electronic cigarettes online so you don’t get scammed:

1. Read the reviews

Reviews and comments can be made by customers or manufactures themselves. In order not to fall the sweet comments made by the latter, it is very important to read or visit two or more sites. This way you can really know more about the online store. Usually, those customers who have disappointing experiences will voice out online. This is very important and informative in selecting the right store.

2. Check the pricing

Since you want to buy electronic cigarettes online, take time to compare the prices. This is a frugal attitude of a customer. The tight competition of selling electronic cigarettes online makes the manufacturers to decide for low prices. But quality must not be forgotten, too. Online, prices just differ from stores near you because the products are directly sold by the manufacturers.

But shipping must be put into consideration, too. Some sellers online may charge an extra fee for the shipping. And there might be fees about return and exchange of items. This will add up to the cost spent in purchasing the items. So this cannot be a saving method anymore.

3. Read the return and exchange guidelines

Before you buy electronic cigarettes online, you must take time reading the guidelines for return and exchange. This is very important in order not to waste every penny spent for the item. Cost can be part in the guidelines. Some customers failed to read such guidelines so they were just shocked to know that they needed to pay for the return or exchange of the item. Or, the days for return and exchange take too long.

4. Test the customer service

It is very crucial to check the quality of the customer service since you contact it whenever you have queries. You can ask a question or two and check if the response is prompt or too late, if the person is respectful, or if the person can be understood. Poor customer service is a common issue.

In times of problems about the items, there is no one to go to but the customer service in the site.

5. Check their certificates

Online selling must not be bogus, or you must not fall under such kind of business. Or else, the money spent for the item will be put to waste. Always look around for the certificates.

There is really nothing much to worry if you want to buy electronic cigarettes online. Just take heed of these guidelines and you will get the best services and products. As a long term user of the e cigs, I suggest you to try out this site for the best products and pricing.


Top 10 Nail Polish Colors For Women

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Everyone aspires to be the most beautiful women in the world. To be the best, they would spend time and money to beautify themselves. One chooses the right fashion for herself and adds the appropriate accessories in her body. Every part of the women’s body is important, and even the nails.

Painting women’s nails has now evolved. It was first done with plain coatings and now different nail arts can also be designed on women’s nails to intensify their looks and their sexiness. Nail polish conveys a message to people and it also shows what kind of person the wearer is. Nail polish are based on what kind of dress a women wears, what occasion she is attending and what are the trend in the community. The following are the top ten nail polish colors that adds to every women’s intrinsic beauty:

  1. Baby blue- this color, a lighter shade of blue is considered as ‘Nirvana to the brain’ because its color are not too dark and not too light. Baby blue color also makes the fingers look longer and sexier.
  2. Bloody Red- red is an all-time favorite nail polish color. It is elegant, sexy and bold; and it adds a mysterious factor into every women’s secretive personality.
  3. Citrus Orange- orange nail polish is very attractive and very colorful; that makes the wearer more youthful and lively.
  4. Turquoise- this color is a greenish blue color which is also worn by women all over the world. According to psychology, turquoise color evokes open communication and clarity of thought. The same is true with the turquoise nail polish: it makes the wearer more interactive and more focused on her work.
  5. Fuchsia pink- fuchsia pink nail polish will make you want to go into the office barefooted or date with your partner with your heels off. This color makes your skin fairer and attract more attention in the public.
  6. Beige- a pale and pinkish yellow color is still ‘in’ nowadays.  This is compatible on every complexion of women in the world and it also makes the wearer looks bubbly and young.
  7. Black- black is still considered as one of the best nail polish colors in the whole wide world. Black looks classy and sexy especially when you’re wearing your tight leather jumpsuit in a party.
  8. Yellow green- some women would prefer to paint their nails with unique colors such as yellow green nail polish. Yellow green are sexy colors too, believe me!
  9. Metallic gold/ silver/ bronze- metallic colors are exotic and adds brilliance to your over-all appearance.
  10. Peal white- nothing beats the simple yet elegant pearl white nail polish color. Your sexy white top and pale black jeans will make you stand out in the crowd.

These nail polish color is just an accent to your style and what’s important is how you carry yourself and how you face the public using your own guts. Putting nail polish is also one way to pamper oneself after the multiple and stressful roles every women portrays. Paint your nails with colors and celebrate your girlie and youthful side!

Why Is It So Hard To Quit Smoking

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quit smoking To quit smoking is tougher than starting to smoke. This is largely due to the nicotine content of tobacco which is addictive. The longer the person smokes, the higher the nicotine content is stored in the body. And the more it is difficult to take out from the body system. According the scientists, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases develop depend on the duration of smoking rather than short term quantity. It means that somebody who smokes 2 packs a day for 20 years will be at less risk than someone who smoke 1 pack of cigarette a day for 40 years. Lung cancer patients are more vulnerable at the age of 60 or older.

A person who smokes in months or years will become drug dependent to nicotine. Nicotine has this strong effect because of the stimulating and relaxing effects it leaves in the brain. The hormone in the brain, specifically the dopamine, becomes dependent to nicotine. Whenever a person ceases smoking, this hormone looks for it. It sends signals to the body that it needs nicotine for it to work well, for the person to feel well.

Some researches showed that quitting cigarette is just as hard as quitting heroin. The claims might not be as serious as it sounds, the facts are overwhelming. According to the Centers for Diseases Control (CDC), cigarette smoke harm every single organ in your body. Lungs and respiratory system are greatly affected. Brain cells won’t be working properly with the high carbon dioxide intakes. Toxic chemical such as carbon monoxide has potentially damage on your heart and heart attacks. Other less serious side effects related to cigarette smoking are yellow teeth and nails, stinky mouth and smelly clothes, baldness, cataracts, still birth or miscarriage, and many more.

There are so many side effects that can occur when a smoker tries to quit smoking. These can be salivation, headache, dizziness, irritability, hunger, insomnia, tiredness, tingling, constipation, and poor concentration. These are unpleasant and disturbing feelings and events that may discourage a smoker from stopping to smoke.

A dependent smoker certainly needs help. Usually, he/she does not have the will or courage to stop smoking or may find it hard to do so. So anybody from the family or circle of friends can help him/her in doing the next possible and effective actions.

1. Professionals. These are health professionals such as doctors who can evaluate and recommend for something to take. For instance, there are candies that have the taste of nicotine but they don’t actually contain.

Psychologists can also help in assessing the behavior of a smoker. This is very important in order to correct the smoker’s behavior towards smoking.

2. Friends who have successfully quit smoking. Since these people already succeeded the syndromes brought about by nicotine, they can teach the smoker on what to do in order to successfully quit it.

These are just sample ways on how to quit smoking. You see, it is indeed difficult to quit but it is possible. Look around you, why did they succeed in stopping to smoke? If they did, why can’t you?

Check out this article on finding a method to quit smoking and create a good plan of action. There will be time in a man’s life that he decides to quit smoking. If the time is now, don’t wait any longer and just do it. There are plenty of help out there on the internet to get you into the rhythm of changing the bad habits.

Some people like to use the e cigarettes as the harm reduction alternative. I’ve probably heard about it before. If not, click here to learn more.

My Hometown Visit

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It has been a while since I come back to my hometown. Life in a big city has always been a rush. Traffic, busy people, and polluted airways make people forget all about relaxation and enjoying nature. This is peaceful and calm….


A small wooden bridge for villagers to pass by the creek. Too small for vehicles, too much childhood memories…




The rice field run endlessly as it seems. It’s almost harvesting time of the year. Everyone is ready for the end of the crops.

rice field

rice field

A moment on the small boat sailing around the lakes and creeks makes me feel fresh and relaxing.



mango tree

First Muscovy Duck Eggs

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I have 2 Muscovy ducks for about 2 months now. I bought it from the chicken market near my home. They usually hang around in my small pond and the river outside to find food. I wasn’t so sure why they didn’t breed any eggs because they were already grown when I bought them. A week ago, I saw the two of them mating, so I guess it’s about time.

They didn’t have any shelter or cage to live in at that time. I left them sleep outside and they didn’t seem to have any problem with it. So 3 days went by without them laying any eggs. I thought of building them a shelter and a man-made nest so the female can start laying eggs.

duck house

At first they didn’t get used to the new home, so at night they went under and slept there. I thought this was a failure because the shelter is too high. So the next day, I built the stairs for them to access their home easily. Amazingly, 2 days after I build the home, the female lays the first egg. I was so happy.

duck eggs

The female started to lay consistently 1 egg a day. It is exciting for us because this is our first time raising Muscovy ducks so we didn’t know what to expect. Seems like they instinctively know what is a nest and lay eggs in it. I heard that unlike other types of domestic ducks which don’t know how to hatch, Muscovy ducks hatch and raise their youngsters by themselves.

There are plenty of food down in the lake and I occasionally see them searching for crabs and snails in the mud. I feed them plenty. Mainly chicken processed foods and whole wheat. Some people told me that processed food is not good because of chemicals added, some said it is better because of the nutrient content. I feed them both anyways. I also heard that Muscovy ducks also eat mosquito and bugs – that’s how they got the name Musco – though I never seen them eating bugs with my own eyes.

muscovy duck

Muscovy ducks are pretty quiet. They are probably the quietest ducks there is. Unlike my other ducks – our Pekins, they make plenty of noise, even when they eat. Muscovy ducks don’t eat like they are starving either, they eat after the others…sometimes they got attacks by other kind of ducks and can’t eat enough. So I separate them with the others. They seems calm and peaceful now. I also hate the Pekins, they are stupid. I make a nest for them to lay eggs. They lay eggs in the pond. I sometimes found 1 or 2 eggs laying in the water near the bank in the bushes, the rest probably sinks into the deeper parts.

muscovy-duckOne of them flew away on night when I left them outside. I though I lost one. But amazingly, 1 day later, she came back. Muscovy ducks are smart. They remember where their home is. I was concern about their ability to fly so well so I cut off their wing feathers though. Unlike other ducks which like to swim alot, these Muscovy like dryness and they usually stay on the tree branches.

Unlike my chicken, ducks seem to have strong resistance against the weather changing. Some cold early mornings I went to check on my chicken, I found that the Muscovy an Pekin ducks are already in the water splashing. They enjoy it actually. In the wild, Muscovy ducks are said to be good for nature as they eat insects and mosquitoes.

This is probably the first time my female Muscovy duck lays eggs. I’m not expecting too much results in hatched eggs but it is still a good start. Hopefully a good amount generation of Muscovy ducklings will hatch and thrive. It still a long time to go, about 2-3 months, before we can start enjoying our Muscovy duck roast.

 Some awesome facts about Muscovy ducks:

In China, when they had a huge problem with Locusts and nothing they could do to stop them, the Chinese release Muscovy ducks to the wild. The result is amazing. The ducks eat the Locusts and thus stop the swarm on crops.

Muscovy ducks eat algae and weed in the water. This help clean the water and thus makes the eco system more healthy and complete.

Muscovy eat roaches. They also eat left over foods in the farm so reduce the population of rats in the area.

Mallory Hagan Wins Miss America 2013 Beauty Pageant

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Mallory Hagan, a 23 years old female New Yorker won the Miss America 2013 beauty pageant contest on January 12th, 2013. It was hold at the casino resort Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Miss Hagan amazed thousand spectators and got the highest votes for her tap dancing skills. She also got high votes while performing Get Up Off of that thing of James Brown in the talent contest.

Mallory Hagan also had a pretty good answer for the question about one of the hottest problem in America regarding gun control and school shootings. “I don’t think we need to use violence to stop violence. Instead of doing that, we can improve our education system and find another way to solve this problem, for example prolong the time of approval of gun permission for American citizens” – Hagan said.

With the new Miss America 2013 title, Mallory Hagan will recieve $50,000 award and has one year to finish her mission to help children fight against child sexual abuse.

Some images from the final night




Coconut Tree – King Of The Tropical

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samui-island-coconut-treesCoconut tree or cocos nucifera is a tree from a palm tree family. Coco trees grow in abundance in the tropical climate and can live on fresh or salt water. People find coconut trees to be a source of relaxation under the shade besides the seas. It is also a symbol of romantic and beauty in the tropical islands. Coconut trees can grow up to 50-80 feet high and bearing almost 50 fruits each. Usually it takes many years for a coconut tree to mature and it can live up to many decades.

Coconut trees can grow in most Tropical part of the world such as Asia, Africa, South America, and the Pacific region. In America, only Hawaii and Florida can be able to grow coconut tree as it couldn’t grow in cold area. Usually coconut trees grow near the sea or rivers and it can find lots of moisture in the roots. Besides its beautiful representation, coconut tree is a great source of healthy food and water for our body.

Almost every thing on the coconut tree can be used by human. The coconut fruits have plenty of healthy water which is very good for replenishing and re-hydrating your body after exercises. The coconut water also has plenty of health benefits such as vitamins and mineral, low fat and sugar content, as well as enhance and boost your metabolism. The white meat inside is for eaten or for making coconut milk. It is also used for making coconut oil. The oil is squeezed from the coconut meat, the leftovers is used to make cattle food. Besides cooking purpose, coco oil is also used to make soap and cosmetic products.

The leaves are used to make hats, household baskets, trays, house mats and even for making houses (in Asia).  They also use the trunks for stabilizing houses or buildings and the roots are for making a dye. The hard crust outside of the nuts can be used as wood for cooking and barbecue. The unopened flowers can be used to make alcohol bev  erages, sugar, and vinegar.

coconut-house   basket-coconut-leaves    coconut-oil



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